Wedding Traditions That Will Never Die!

Hey there Wedding Lovers!

I’m sure you’ve constantly heard Mum going on in your ear ‘Honey, it’s tradition!’ throughout the planning process. If you have ever wondered about where all these traditions even came from, lucky you! Because today we will be looking at 5 wedding traditions that will never die; no matter what tradition/culture you follow most weddings incorporate these key elements.

Not only will you be gaining a little information from us, (educationists we are here at SD Weddings also lol…) but we’ll also be showing ways in which you can spruce up your weddings following these traditions.

So let’s take a look at Tradition Number One…

Not Seeing Each Other

As hard is it may be, couples often separate briefly before the big day (for the brides especially – have you seen some of the episodes on ‘Don’t Tell the Bride!?). Most often if they live together, the man will set off to his parents or friends house or to a hotel. It’s all about surprising your other half and seeing them in their “attire” especially on the day which marks the beginning of the rest of your lives together.

first look wedding2

How Did It Start? Well… Until relatively recently, brides were considered to be their fathers property. Their futures and husbands were arranged without their consent. It was mostly based on unattractive ladies (beauty is in the eyes of the beholder though!) Unattractive women were arranged for a potential groom from another town without either setting eyes on one another.

Often, when the groom saw his future wife, usually dressed in white, for the first time on the day of the wedding, he changed his mind and left the bride at the altar. So in order to prevent this from happening, it became “bad luck” for the groom to see the bride on the day of the wedding before the ceremony.

Hmm… How About? You’re probably wondering how on earth you can spruce up this tradition. But why don’t you buy TWO dresses for the big reveal (if you have the budget that is). So if you are going to see your groom before you walk down the aisle, wear the dress you want to surprise him with. Then before you walk down the aisle change into you real gown… Talk about shocking him … *Make sure that you have the time for this though, if you would try this*

Number Two…

Having Bridesmaids/Groomsmen

They are your loved ones. Your brothers, sisters, cousins and best friends; the people who have been by your side through thick and thin (other than your better half of course lol). They make the entrance and pave the way before you make your grand debut on your big day.

maids and groomsmen

How did it start? The original responsibility of a “Best Man” was to serve as armed backup for the groom in case he had to kidnap his intended bride away from disapproving parents. The “best” part of that title refers to his skill with a sword, if the worst came to the worst! The best man would stand guard next to the groom right up through the exchange of vows (and later, even outside the newlyweds’ bedroom door!), just in case anyone should attack or if a non-compliant bride would try and make a run for it.

Hard to believe but, that dress you’ll never wear again (ever watched 27 Dresses!) was actually chosen in order to trick the eye of evil spirits and jealous ex-lovers. The maids were instructed to wear a dress similar to the bride, so that during their journey to the church it would be hard for any wicked spirits or former lovers to spot the bride and curse/kidnap/throw rocks at her.

Hmm… How About? We are not about to tell you to drop your bridal party, if that’s what you are thinking lol. But recently, we’ve seen a lot of couples mixing up their bridal parties. By mixing up we mean women amongst the groomsmen and men amongst the bridesmaids. Your best friend may not be the same sex as you and you really want to include them in your bridal party, well why not! Make your bridal party stand out with your ‘Male of Honour’ (provided your hubby won’t get jealous…)

male of honour

Number Three…

Carrying the Bouquet

You’d be surprised by the amount you pay for your flowers, so it’s best to make sure that you hold the bouquet of the decade. They come in all sizes, shapes, colours and textures. They add that extra bit of beauty to accompany your gown and also leave your nose tingling with a wonderful scent whilst you glide down the aisle (unless you’re a hayfever sufferer)


How did it start? Until modern times, brides would carry garlic and dill. The practice probably originated from the time of the Plague, when people clutched the herbs over their noses and mouths in a frantic effort to survive. As time evolved, brides added better-smelling flora to the arrangement, and a whole dictionary of meaning arose to define each type of blossom.

Hmm… How About?There are loads of ways to spice up your bouquet these days, my-oh-my, how the world gets more creative. There are paper flowers – for the arty bride, pinwheels, fabric flowers and then the most amazing of all… Bling bouquets! With all that sparkle on the bouquet alone, you might not even need the ring! Haha… I joke…

pinwheel bouquet

Number Four…

Exchanging the Rings

It’s the symbol that says ‘I’m taken!’ when you’re on your way home on the train and a man tries to chat you up. No words needed, just stick up your left hand, palm faced inwards! Apart from the love you share, the ring acts as a symbol of this love; although not all religions, cultures or traditions are permitted to wear rings however. Not everyone can afford a 15-carat diamond stunner, but it’s the circular symbol of never ending love and commitment to your better half.

exchanging the rings

How did it start? Rings were used as currency in the Middle East before the start of currency and were a sign of a person’s wealth. In ancient times the wedding ring was thought to protect the bride from “evil spirits”. Ancient Roman wedding rings were made of iron. In early Rome a gold band came to symbolize ever-lasting love and commitment in marriage. In very early times had a carved key through which a woman was thought to be able to open her husband’s heart.

It is also believed that a pope in the 12th century decreed that weddings would be held in church and that the brides were to receive rings. He also ruled that the time between engagement and marriage should be lengthened, which boosted interest in engagement rings.

Hmm… How About? As said before, not everyone is permitted to wearing a ring. So you can exchange a piece of jewellery as a symbol of your love (a £10K diamond encrusted Rolex would be a great start lol). Or for the really brave-hearted who know their love will last for eternity, a tattoo is another way to show your loved one you’re in it for the long run.

wedding tattoo

Number Five…

The Wedding Cake

So the ceremony is over and you want to shake you tail-feather on the dance floor but wait! You need to cut the cake first; it’s the ‘sweetest’ part of the day. The wedding cake is another feature of the day which comes in all shapes, sizes, textures and colours. From a simple 3-tiered cake to share amongst your 50 intimate family and friends, to the 10-tiered show stoppers that your mum can give to her neighbours in the estate who weren’t invited to the wedding. Sorry they missed out on the fun…

wedding cake

How did it start? History shows that the cake was actually bread! Customarily, the groom would bite off a piece of barley bread and then the remainder of the loaf was held above the newlywed bride’s head and then broken, showering her with crumbs and a  message of her husband’s male dominance. Guests would then scramble to pick up any wayward crumbs off the floor as they were said to bring good luck… Yeah, of a dominant husband who will break bread over your head lol

As tradition evolved and cake emerged onto the wedding scene, guests would stand in line while the bride passed tiny, blessed pieces of cake through her own wedding ring into the hands of the waiting guests. As you can imagine that tradition got trashed, who would want to stand or all that time doing that? Then began the tradition of giving out whole slices of cake to each guest – not to be eaten; but to be placed under their pillows at night for good luck. For the ladies, sweet dreams of their future husbands.

Hmm… How About? Not everyone has a sweet tooth, so how about getting a small cake to share out amongst the guests and have your main treats to each other. The choices are endless… Cookies, cheese cake, macaroons. If you wanted to go HARD… you could hire out an ice-cream truck with servings for your guests and a station full of different ice-cream toppings. Mmm.. . the sweetness of love

ice cream wedding cake

**Please note that we do not own any of the pictures used for this blog


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