Celebrity Weddings We Can’t Wait For…

So last year seemed to be the year of engagements both with us “normal” human beings lol and in the Celebrity world. Once one person proposed; the domino effect took full swing and we were showered with a celebrity engagement it seemed every month!

We’ve taken our favourite engaged Celeb couples and tried to see which dresses would suit the brides most. It’s all about the bride really isn’t it…

1. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

So some find these two rather controversial but we LOVE the influence Kanye has had on Kim (although he is rather serious all the time) Since they’ve been together Kim seems to boast sophistication and elegance, especially with her high fashion to die for outfits!

The Ring and Proposal 

Kanye  proposed to Kim at AT&T Park in San Francisco which involved the Chicago Symphony, San Francisco’s AT&T Park and a giant Jumbotron displaying the message “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!.” After blindfolding Kim and driving her onto the field, Kanye dropped to one knee and propose to the mother of his beautiful daughter.

Kanye proposal

North holding her mummy's ring

North holding her mummy’s ring

The Dress

So we’ve come up with a few dresses based on her style; we think the reality star would look great in for her upcoming nuptials in France later this year…

The crop – Recently Kim has been known to don a crop top with a fitted pencil skirt showing off her beautiful curves

Kim crop2

hayley paige - Kim K - crop

Lace me up – Kim K also seems to have a fetish for lace (other than black and white that she used to wear) a short lace wedding dress will be different for the reality star, but as we know she does like to stand out

Kim K lace short dress

kim k lace wedding

2. Ciara & Future 

Talk about killing two birds with one stone… No sooner had we heard that Future (Rapper/Producer) had proposed to singer Ciara, we were shocked to see her sporting a grown baby bump! Her relationship with Future has been growing strong and the couple are also going to get married this year after their bubba is born… Aww how sweet!

The Ring and Proposal

Future, real name Nayvadius D. Wilburn, surprised Ciara while she was out celebrating her 28th birthday in New York with the proposal. Check out the 15 carat ring she got… We wish our birthdays could be as great as that… 

Ciara engagement ring

The Dress

We know Ciara has killer moves and could wipe out anyone at a dance contest, it helps that she has an athletic body shape. Here a few ideas we came up with…

Barely there – this dress was absolutely stunning on the singer and seems she checked out the bridal shows too; as this dress had a lot of the trends we saw floating on the catwalks on this particular dress

ciara embellished nude


Jump(suit)ing the broom – Jumpsuit… Wedding? You wouldn’t dream of those two words together. But Ciara KILLLED it in this white jumpsuit and would look amazing if she wore this added with her swag! And as it happens, we actually saw one on the catwalk…

ciara jumpsuit

ciara jumpsuit wedding

3. Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade

Being Mary-Jane isn’t easy, but being Gabrielle Union must be absolutely amazing considering she is soon to become Mrs Wade! Secretly we were all anxious to see the man who would have the grace of ending up with this gorgeous woman as a wife…

The Ring and Proposal

Dwayne Wade (NBA player for Miami Heat) proposed to the acting beauty on December 21st 2013 with the help of his two sons and his nephews he is helping to raise. They held up signs saying “Will you marry us?” (Something they had been asking the actress all the time, without the signs lol) and after turning to Dwayne to laugh about the situation she found him on one knee with the ring in his hand. Adorable… 

GU engagement ring

The Dress 

We all know that Gabrielle is BEAUTIFUL and you would never guess she is 41! We took a look at her style and we’ve noticed this hot lady loves her short dresses with a lot of skin on show. What style do you think suits the ‘Being Mary-Jane’ actress the best?

Deep Plunge – let alone the short dresses she adores the ‘plunge’, Gabrielle showed us that age has nothing to do with anything when it comes to dressing.

GU - deep V short

GU - deep v wedding

Oh sweetheart! – We are suckers for a good old sweetheart neckline on a dress; especially on a wedding dress now could you imagine that!

Gu - short red satin

ines di santo - short

4. Naya Rivera & Big Sean

The Glee beauty stunned us all when we found out she started dating handsome rapper Sean Anderson a.k.a Big Sean (they started dating after a series of Direct Messages on Twitter!!) so we were knocked of our seats in shock and happiness when the rapper proposed to the stunning Latina on October 3rd 2013.

The Ring and the Proposal

Look at that beauty on her finger, would you have said no!?

NR engagement ring

The dress

Now we know Latina women have their own dress sense lol, but this Latina lady dresses with style and elegance at all times. We can’t get enough of Naya, no wonder Big Sean wakes up in the morning saying he’s “winning”

Lace it up – now if this jumpsuit doesn’t say I am a Boss! I don’t know what does. She looks like she owns an empire in this outfit and the sleeves are amazing! Imagine those sleeves on a wedding dress …

NR jumpsuit

NR lace sleeves

Halt it right there! – We never really thought much about halter neck wedding dresses until we saw the Latina firecracker in this halter-neck last year at the American Music Awards. The picture says it all….

NR halter

NR wedding halter

5. Kelly Rowland & Tim Witherspoon

Yessss! Another destined wedding (get it? Destiny’s child… never mind…) we were over the moon when we found out Kelly was engaged to her manager and boyfriend of 4 years Tim Witherspoon. Although she had been keeping their relationship out of the public eye, when her fiancé proposed she couldn’t contain her excitement. Love really does outshine all things in the end doesn’t it?

The Ring and Proposal 

As simple and beautiful as her ring is, so was the proposal. Tim asked the talented singer to marry him over Skype and she said yes. Simple and straight to the point! Doesn’t get any better than that does it?

KR engagement ring

The Dress

Now we’ve seen Kelly’s dress sense mature and outshine other over the years. From her trio days in DC to now… She is s true defintition of black beauty and her dressing sure does attest to that..

Leave it to the imagination – now this dress Kelly wore to the Grammys in 2013 was EVERYTHING!!! She looked like a vision of light in this beautiful black mermaid gown. A dupe of this dress in white (minus the cutouts lol) would have all the guests on the floor as soon as she began to walk down that aisle…

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet


Peplums all around – this dress wasn’t necessarily the hottest outfit the singer has worn, but she did look beautiful. Imagine how she would look in a peplum wedding dress… Destiny…

KR mini peplum

KR peplum wedding

**Please note that we do not own any of the pictures used for this blog


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