Your Wedding Budget……Where to start

Dear Readers

I hope you have been enjoying my last two blog’s and getting the information you are looking for in order to have an amazing wedding

Today’s blog is about your wedding budget, setting a budget that makes sense not just for your wedding day but also for your marriage.

I would like to share with you my top five priorities (in no particular order) for where your money should be invested concerning your wedding planning. You will see from my list that a majority of these points are not related to your wedding day, but more so to your marriage. Alot of people invest into their wedding day, which last 24 hours and then spend the next 24 months paying off debt, no honeymoon, terrible pictures and no where to live. The start of your marriage doesn’t have to be that way……..

My List (in no particular order):

1. Photography – The ONLY memory you will have of your wedding day will be relived through your pictures. Once the day has passed, guest have gone home and you have removed your wedding attire, the memories you will have of your special day will soon start to fade and of course you wont be able to remember everyone and everything that took place that day. So when a couple opt to spend a majority of their wedding budget on expensive shoes or an expensive venue and then find an average photographer to capture their day, it just doesn’t make sense. Having an amazing photographer ( could transform the look of your wedding and make it look a million dollars. Your choice of photographer should not be solely based on price but some of the following;

A. Are they a great story teller – If someone was unable to attend your wedding would they be able to look through your wedding photos and feel like they were there at every stage? Would your children be able to unfold the magic of your special day years after the wedding and retell your story through your photography?

B. Do they capture the in-between moments – The moments that simple take your breath away; when you or your guest are not posing but yet the photographer captures a timeless moment; the times when you both are looking lovingly into each others eyes, the small gestures of affirmations made at the high table, the holding of holds, and so on. So much can be captured from the in-between moments and it takes a skilful photographer to capture all of that without getting in the way.

C. Their post production – Do they make your pictures look air brushed or is there a natural feel to your pictures? A great photographer with the right settings will give your wedding a natural and soft look, and that’s all part of the story telling and capturing the in between moments.


2. Honeymoon – Your honeymoon is one of the only parts of your wedding planning which is just for you guys. When I was planning my wedding, I remember a couple saying to me that we should focus on picking an amazing honeymoon to go to rather than spending all the money on feeding people. At the time I didn’t quite understand the significance of a special honeymoon but after returning  from my honeymoon in Egypt, I realised that a honeymoon is a must for every couple, a much needed break and rest for just the two of you; Why would you compromise on your honeymoon? Why would you choose to even not have one? or wait till you have paid for everything else and use the remnant to book your honeymoon. Put aside a budget for your honeymoon from early on in your planning, so you know no matter what happens, your honeymoon is going to be amazing. I love it when couples tell me they have booked a honeymoon for two weeks, 4*, all exclusive 6 months to their wedding date….They understand……..

3. Living Cost – Alot of people unfortunately leave sorting out their living arrangements to a few days before the wedding not knowing that these things need to be sorted and confirmed at least two months to the wedding. When renting, the landlord will ask for a deposit and one months rent upfront, but that is once you find a property which can take a while to find. So your rental search should start at least 3 months to your wedding so you are not pressured to settle with a house due to time restrictions and finances. If you choose to buy a house, then the process from putting in an offer, to completion can take up to 6 months, so you will want to start your house search at least nine months to your wedding date. It is extremely important that you get a rough idea of your living cost and put that aside as early on in the planning stages, as having a roof over your head is very important.

4. Wedding Co-ordination –  Have you ever been to a wedding, where the bride is late to the church, the  sermon goes over by 20 minutes, the brides driver has left to go to another booking, the dj plays the wrong entrance song for the couple and the bridesmaids are serving the food…..I have. People think that they can ask their friends and family to help out on the day but remember this is one of the most important days of your life,  you only get married once, so why would you overlook the professional services of a co-ordinator  ( who can ran the whole day for you. Would you rather save money and have a day that sounds like the above, or make the small investment and have perfect peace of mind running up to the wedding; a well managed wedding day and family who can actually remember the wedding rather than being locked in the kitchen. A wedding co-ordinator will meet with you six to eight weeks before your wedding, go through your wedding plans in detail and then contact all the vendors, allowing you both to concentrate on how to pamper yourselves and relax. I’ve heard brides going to bed at 5.00pm in the morning, sorting out their seating plan; why stress when you can hand everything over to your wedding co-ordinator.

5. Catering – Three things guest always talk about once they leave a wedding; the brides dress, venue and FOOD. There’s nothing worse than going to a lovely wedding, with rubbish food. No matter how beautiful the bride looks, or how many people you recognise on your table, bad tasting food can bring the whole mood down and even cause people to leave early. You know what I’m talking about people…… wait patiently in the food line, fill your plate up, almost rush back to the table to get tucked in, place the spoon in your mouth and then wished you had stopped off at McDonald’s when you had the chance. No couple wants that for their guest, so if you are thinking of whether you should pay for an experienced caterer with a great track record who might be slightly more expensive than your neighbour who can do it at half the cost, go for it. You don’t want any regrets!!

This is just a summary of my experience of planning my wedding and believe me I got to the church before time with the assistance of a wedding co-ordinator, the food was amazing where we even had live cooking, our honeymoon in Egypt was simply breathtaking which we booked 6 months in advance and the wedding photos will always help us to relive the amazing day we had.

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