Sound Barriers – Its not the DJ, Its the Venue!!

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Going to weddings can be soo exciting!!! You turn up to the church nice and early, excited and slightly nervous at the same time for the couple; silently praying that the day turns out to be amazing and that the bride and groom have the wedding of their dreams. However I want to present a scenario to you which some brides and grooms don’t expect but unfortunately may end up experiencing………

“So you are at the wedding reception, everything is going well, the food was great, the venue is beautiful, the mood is just right!! You look over to the beautiful couple, they look so happy, the speeches are so touching and everyone is emotional. The couple then get up to take their first dance, all you can see is the love in their eyes as the groom slowly romances her on the dance floor, singing the words to their favourite love song and whispering ‘You look beautiful baby’

They then go to get changed into another outfit, everyone is waiting for them to come back, anticipating what they will look like and ready to break open the dance floor; some guest have even gone as far as to change their shoes into flat ones, so they can really give it their all on the dance floor. The Groom is known to be a dancer, so everyone knows what sort of party is too follow………….the MC (Master of ceremony) then announces “I would like to present to you the newest couple in town, Mr and Mrs………..”

Everyone starts cheering, the newlywed couple start to dance towards the dance floor, the groom is laying down his moves, the bride is elegantly dancing beside him, as they near the centre of the dance floor, the music starts to gets louder, all eyes are now on them. At this point, the groom decides to grab his ‘wife’ and lean her back…..the dance floor goes CRAZY, then the unexpected happens….the MUSIC CUTS OUT !!! At this point, everyone turns towards the DJ with their jaws open and question marks all over their faces”


Now some of you might be thinking, that’s soo deep, who hired that DJ, how can he possibly call himself a professional and then stop the music at one of the most crucial parts of the reception but in fact it wasn’t the DJ, it wasn’t even the speakers, it was the VENUE

Unfortunately for many couples, they are unaware and have not been informed that the venue has a SOUND BARRIER or NOISE POLLUTION CONTROL SYSTEM installed; which automatically monitors and limits the sound output in venues to avoid neighbours complaining and the venue being closed down.


This is in compliance with ‘The State Environment Protection Policy (Control of Music Noise from Public Premises) No. N-2, which establishes standards and controls over music noise which balance the right of people living in areas around entertainment venues not to be disturbed by unreasonable levels of music noise’, which means that venues within residential areas are BOUND


Sound barriers only become a real issue if you desire to have a wedding where you have a live band playing, live instruments or you really want a lively reception with people being entertained, loud music and lots of dancing. It has been known in some venues with the sound barrier installed, for the microphone to cut out if a guest shouts or cheers too loud.

ImageWhen the light is on GREEN, the sound level is good, but once it hits RED, the sound system will automatically CUT out and will take 3 minutes for the sound to return. Every time the red light is triggered, the sound will cut off.


However if you want a small, intimate reception with only back ground music for your wedding then you will be fine and the sound barrier will not affect you. It will stay on green for the whole night and everyone will have a good time


A) Ask the venue if they have a sound barrier installed in the building or any sound restrictions

B) Ask to hear how loud the music can be played in the venue before it cuts out or how loud you can speak into a microphone

C) Take a Dj or sound engineer with you to the venue to check out the sound barrier

D) Ask the venue if they are able to unplug the sound barrier or if there are any other ways of getting around it i.e the music can be played loud up till 11.00am

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*This blog was simply written based on my knowledge and experience of sound barriers. I do not assume liability for any decisions or losses sustained by the use of the advice in this blog and any such liability is hereby expressed disclaimed


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